“When Nancy said ‘yes’ to being part of the Knit on Texel retreat, I was absolutely delighted. Nancy has been an important part of our community for over 50 years, and being very involved, she has seen it grow, develop and change. She has a massive amount of knitting knowledge, and is very much an innovator. Nancy has an inquisitive exploratory attitude towards knitting, that more often than not leads to fascinating outcomes. Of course she is most well known for her important contribution to the evolution of the brioche technique (you don’t get to be called ‘Queen of Brioche’ for nothing), but there is so much more!

Lately I’ve been in absolute awe of her intriguing experiments with tuck stitches and knitting that resembles woven fabric. Both are super interesting on a lot of levels, and I’m thrilled Nancy wants to share her knowledge with us. And since she is a lovely person and one of the best teachers around, I’m sure everyone at the retreat are going to be just as impressed with her as I am.”