Knit on Texel Retreat 2023

The concept of the Knit on Texel retreat was born out of my deep love for knitting, and the desire to share that creative passion with likeminded people, preferably in beautiful and inspiring surroundings. I wanted to create something special, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone can relax, breathe, learn, share, and do what they love.

The splendor and beauty of magical Texel is deeply rooted in my being. I grew up on this small island in the North-West of the Netherlands, and to gather in this extraordinary place to truly unwind, connect, and nourish our creativity is like a dream come true.

You are wholeheartedly invited to enjoy this experience with us by sharing your passion and your stories!

The retreat takes place in 2023, from Wednesday the 10th of May until Sunday the 14th of May. It will be a relatively intimate affair, with a maximum of 32 guests.


During the retreat there will be ample time to gather and share our common passion for knitting. We also have inspiring classes planned. For those, Natasja joins forces with the one and only Nancy Marchant, to provide a number of interesting and novel knitting classes. For the retreat, Natasja will create a Knit on Texel design, which will be the starting point for some of the classes.

Nancy will host two classes. One of those will be on Tuck stitches, the other on knitting that is based on weaves. Nancy has been experimenting with the ‘woven fabric’ knitting quite a lot lately, and it leads to beautiful outcomes. It involves intarsia techniques that can be easily applied to other knits as well.
On Nancy’s Instagram you can find some amazing, inspiring examples of ‘woven knitting’ and tuck stitches.

Natasja will host a class on knitting tricks and finishing techniques used for the Knit on Texel design. Her second class will be a workshop focused on the photography of your knits.
Most of us want our knits to look as swoon-worthy in photo’s as they do in real life, and in this class Natasja will help you to develop your photography skills. After the class you will surely feel more confident behind and in front of the camera!



We will stay at ‘Nieuw Leven’ (New Life), a group accommodation that has won an award for being the most sustainable project in Europe. Without compromising on comfort and indulgences, Nieuw Leven is totally self-sustainable, and is an example for the Netherlands and abroad.
The accommodation is situated in walking distance of Den Burg, the islands main village. Nieuw Leven is surrounded by grazing sheep and from the grounds you have unmatched views over the Texel landscape.

The splendid villas have elegant and warm interiors, consisting of a large country kitchen, beautiful living rooms and spacious bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.

In addition to the private villa gardens, you can make use of the other facilities on site, like the ecological swimming pond with a spacious swimming area and the wellness garden with barrel sauna.

Picture by Zora Spook


We’ve invited chef Karin Gaasterland of Cuisine Carine to take care of our lunches and dinners, which she will prepare in our villas, using fresh, local produce from the island.

Karin is the author of the cookbook Cuisine Carine and she co-owned restaurant Balthazars Keuken in Amsterdam. Currently she has organized pop-up eating experiences in Marrakech, Mallorca and Amsterdam.

Karin’s philosophy on cooking and eating:

“For me, cooking is not exclusively about technique or precise recipes. Of course, knowledge is useful, and you don’t become a chef overnight. But it’s also about taste, creativity and the courage to create something. With your own palate and beautiful products. Searching for that perfect balance in the pan.”

You can find Karin and her mouthwatering dishes on Instagram.


Sunset beach club knit night
On Thursday night we will enjoy a sunset knit night including a gourmet dinner in one of the loveliest beach clubs on the island. Indulge in the amazing local food and the spectacular sea views while the sun sets over the island.

Tour of the island
The retreat includes a half day tour of the island. During the tour we will visit a sheep farm and Natasja will show you the most beautiful and scenic sights on the island. Make sure to take your knitting and some photography equipment!

There will be complimentary e-bikes available for retreat guest that want to explore the island by bike. Texel has 145 km of cycling paths, and more often than not, the cycling paths lead straight through the landscape, with no car roads in sight.

Knit on Texel swag bag
All knitters will receive a sumptuous, drool-worthy Knit on Texel swag bag.

Pattern Knit on Texel design
For the retreat, Natasja will create a Knit on Texel design. During the retreat, the pattern is exclusive to our knitters and is included in the swag bag.

Pop-up yarn shop
We also make sure there’s a well-curated pop-up shop to help you out if you’ve forgotten something or to inspire a new project. 

Partner program
And of course you can take your non-knitter friend or partner. Since our accommodation and the island have so much to offer, they will surely have a wonderful time too. We can make tailored  arrangements for all kinds of activities from shrimp fishing on the Wadden Sea, to guided bird watching tours, to parachute jumping, to some serious wellness pampering and everything in between and beyond.


The island is only 9 kilometres wide and 25 kilometres long, yet the largest of the Wadden islands, which separate the North Sea from the inshore waters of Wadden Sea. The latter is a UNESCO world heritage site, due to its unique ecosystem. During low tide sandbanks form which attracts loads of different birds and if you get close enough, you will definitely see a seal or two sunning themselves.

The beaches of Texel are beautifully widespread, quiet and perfect for a long walk or a relaxing stroll. With 30 kilometers of coastline, there are lots of different beaches to choose from. On the entire west side of the island the beach borders The Dunes of Texel National Park. The Park landscape is mesmerizing: heather, grass, swamps, woodlands, acres of berries and wildflowers. Don’t be surprised to spot horses, wild cows and sheep.

Texel has seven lovely historic villages. Although each village has its own character and identity, they’re all extremely picturesque and worthy of a visit. You will surely enjoy the small, winding streets, the traditional white houses, the nice shopping opportunities and the many lovely cafés and restaurants.