Natasja lives in Amsterdam, where she finds inspiration in the beautiful architecture and the extraordinary people that surround her.

After she picked up knitting again following a long hiatus, Moonstruck Knits has grown organically. Natasja’s designs are a story of dedication, and tell of her genuine, spontaneous passion for beauty, art and design. She firmly believes that growth, development and being receptive to new ideas, are only possible when there is respect and honesty in our approach to the people and world that surrounds us. 

For Natasja, knitting is not only about making a sweater or a shawl, but a way of connecting with the community and celebrating differences and diversity. Knitting is about the intelligence of hands, people’s ability, tradition and sartorial savoir faire.

Natasja devours stitch pattern bibles, and thinking about the construction of knitwear is what keeps her awake at night. Her designs are contemporary, authentic, wearable and elegant, but always with a twist.